The Philippine Association of Maritime Institutions (PAMI) holds its 44th Annual Convention on February 22 to 23, 2019, at the Grand Regal Hotel Davao, Davao City.

It shall celebrate 35th Anniversary on May 24th with 74 institutional members.

PAMI acts as a unified body to meet stakeholders’ satisfaction by being a catalyst of change and the voice for Maritime Education and Training (MET).

Its Board of Trustees has given unwavering support to the leadership, enabling PAMI to weather challenges not only of maritime education but the whole maritime industry because of Kapit-Bisig — voices unified and heard by the maritime industry.

With the twin celebrations, PAMI Pres. Felix Oca assures “we will continue to serve the Association to the best that we can and deliver effective and efficient services to all the member-institutions.”


Annual report.

Engr. Oca predicates his report, “With your trust and support, we make another milestone as an Association with unity and understanding.”

In 2018, he believes PAMI has still stood firm amidst challenges because of “… unity and open our doors for changes and move forward to a progressive maritime industry.”

The year also “played witness to different changes in maritime industry and its governing agencies. The year of adjustments, the year of embracing the fast yet uncertain transitions of the maritime education and still the Association has maintained its ability to take these transitions with confidence and able to adapt to the needs of the industry.”



For the Maritime Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs), PAMI created a Course Programs Development Committee which took the initiative to conduct various workshops for the development of standard syllabus for all professional maritime courses.

PAMI initiated a database information system which will make available facts among industry players for research and improvement.

In partnership with the IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation, PAMI was able to seek two batches of IMO Model Course 6.09, Training for Instructors; two batches of IMO Model Course 3.12, Training for Assessors; four batches of IMO Model Course 6.10, Training for Simulators’ Instructors and Assessors.

The Association submitted comments, voiced out position on the Magna Carta for Seafarers bill in the Senate hearings.

PAMI maintained its seat in the Technical Panel for Maritime Education despite transitions in CHEd and MARINA.

It was part of the Philippine Delegation to sessions of the IMO Sub-Committee on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW), at the IMO headquarters in London, England.

PAMI is an active Convenor of the Movement for Maritime Philippines (MMP), involved in round-table discussions by the National Coast Watch Council (NCWC/MMP partnership), speaking out concerns and issues of maritime institutions which have a big part in Human Sector during the Maritime Industry Pre-Convergence and in the Maritime Industry Convergence proper.


And more.

Active MHEI-members were validated and listed which generated income to support PAMI daily office operations.

The Association held a General Membership Assembly to discuss amendments to the Article of Incorporation and By-Laws. Former MARINA Administrator Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero even attended to dialogue for meaningful changes.

It is noticeable PAMI now has an effective and efficient Secretariat for daily office transactions and dissemination of updated information to members.