A standing ovation reverberated on the closing curtain of Timeless, the live musical celebrating the 13th Anniversary of Marino World held November 5 at the Palacio de Maynila, Manila.

And the audience was a mean collection of maritime stakeholders: shipowners and managers, public officials and diplomats, faculties of the academe, maritime training and manning, both domestic and international operations.

Marino World partnered with the Ephesus Teatron Group to present Timeless — a repertoire of unforgettable songs of love, of praise.

This 13th production of Timeless is a fusion of cultures, a coalition of taste from Italian and Neapolitan love songs — the gumption of arias, the coyness of kundiman. And the soaring of the spirit with oratorio, sacred songs of praise.

Not just performed but interpreted with the heart and finesse of major talents: Sweet Samaniego Buchanan, Steven Hotchkiss, Margarita Roco, Red Nuestro and Terence Guillermo.



Publisher Lyn Bacani let her hair down at the closing remarks, “When the heart is full, lips are dumb. May I beg your leave to be myself. Allow me to honestly react on the show in just three words: wow, w0W, WOW!

Or in two words: Timeless, WOW!”

Marino World celebrates anniversaries every five years. Somehow unexplained, Ms. Bacani decided to celebrate the 13th Year with the 13th production of Timeless. Perhaps, an appeal on numerology:  13 +13 equals 26, reducible to 8 —symbol of eternity, Timeless!

The production evoked a new realization that Filipino artistic virtues are taken for granted; at best, second-guessed by the world.



Ms. Bacani explains, “We take our talents as news; we take theirs as heritage. Somehow, somewhere, there is a dysfunction.

Or maybe, we are yet paying wages for our lazy attitude in arts: copy, amend, plagiarize.”

She expanded the range (or rage), “We are globally competitive but often miss our boat. Manila cordage, Pampanga sugar, Lipa coffee — they were the standards of the world we gave up on.

We were enamored by the quick fix of jeep used engines on our streets, wooden hulls on our fleets at sea.”



“Fact is, we have a national artist more known for his label on Ginebra San Miguel than his light and colors rivaling those of Rembrandt.

Juan Luna painted atrocities against early Christians in his Spoliarium yet ignored the forced labor on Filipinos for the Obras Pias.

All told, Timeless by the Ephesus Teatron Group should inspire those with means to push for the arts, prior to skateboarding.”

The American Billboard should not be the prescription, unless we’re just in for the money. Arts should be beyond the tweetums of the Korean Blackpink nor the European pun of Mama Mia, the sequel. “



“We have candles to hold high: no one else had won in international competitions both The Best Male Actor and The Best Female Actress in one movie as the great Dolphy, comedian.

And Miss Lea Salonga and the cast she inspired.

We just have to dig deep into our creative sensibilities.

Value our creations, aim more than for the tourists and the pedestrian. Collectors jealously guard their arts even if these are by choice; yet are so tolerant in gender which is by birth.”