The recent partnership of GigaMare with Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) strengthens the local firm yet expands the latter’s global training network. Net effect of the fusion is easier access to high quality training for ship operators and crews.

GigaMare is highly qualified and strategically located in a prime maritime area as Asia. By partnering with GigaMare, WinGD extends services to ship owners for low-speed dual-fuel and diesel engines.


So promising.

Optimism on the partnership was echoed by Rudolf Holtbecker, WinGD Operations Director: “…an important step… to provide the highest level of training and support for operators of our engines on both a global and a local basis.”

Training programmes for engines developed by WinGD can be conveniently accessed, reducing or eliminating the costs and hassle of travel.

GigaMare gives quality and comprehensive training for ship operators to optimize vessel performance, given a deeper understanding of the main engine and its applied technologies.



After all, WinGD training partners are carefully chosen, “…This involves the capability to explain the theory and functionality of the dual-fuel X-DF, Generation X and RT-flex engines, as well as practicing real-life scenarios using our W-Xpert engine simulation software or the Full Mission Simulator hardware,” adds Holtbecker.

Training Partners participate in WinGD’s “Train-the-Trainer” programme and have full access to the WinGD training resources and state-of-the-art simulation software developed by WinGD as used in WinGD training centres.


Both ways.

GigaMare pres. and CEO Jari Ullakonoja is “… proud to be one of WinGD’s inaugural training partners … confident we can fulfill expectations” since GigaMare has extensive experience with both two and four-stroke marine engines and in a key location with excellent training facilities.

It complements WinGD training facilities in Winterthur, Switzerland (headquarters); Busan, Korea; Shanghai, China and Athens, Greece.



GigaMare was established April 15, 2013 acquiring Wärtsilä’s training infrastructure in Subic; continuing operations in the Phil for innovative and quality products and services for safe and efficient for maritime, offshore, oil & gas, energy and mining operations.

On top, GigaMare has environmental and economic training solutions for improving the human factor, aided by performance gap analysis. A unique hands-on academy offers close to real-life experience in operating, repairing, and maintaining equipment, as well as shipboard simulators.

Now based in Switzerland, Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) is a leading developer of low-speed gas and diesel engines for marine propulsion; originally the Sulzer Diesel Engine, in business in 1893, powering merchant shipping since 1898.

Today, its innovative technology is behind the propulsion power of all types of deep-sea ships world-wide, such as oil and product tankers, bulk carriers, car carriers, general cargo ships and container ships.