The Eastern Mediterranean Maritime-Greece (EASTMED), in cooperation with Eastern Mediterranean Manning Agency-Manila (Eastmed Mla) conducted its First Crew Rating Seminar at the Aloha Hotel, Manila on November 19th.

Around 60 bosuns, pumpmen, AB, OS, cadets, electrician, oilers and crew from the steward department participated.



Eastmed Manila GM Edgardo Flores, a veteran sea captain and auditor, confirms the event was “… organized for everybody to feel we are not neglecting you, we wanted to hear your voice, your suggestions.”

They will be updated on new developments and happenings on board, the near-misses. Interaction is expected at the tail-end of the seminar at the open forum for clarity, suggestions and evaluation.

Spyridon Pierratos, owner’s representative, assures the seminar will be on a regular basis and “… we are expecting from you to participate and give us some proposals or suggestions that will improve the quality of life onboard the vessels.”


At your beck.

Main resource expert is Capt. Thomas Papathanasiou, Marine Superintendent S.Q.E./Dept who has been working on EASTMED vessels since 1997. He started as second officer, leveling up through the ranks until becoming captain on tanker vessels.

In the last three years, he is a training coordinator focused mainly on safety. Quality and the environment are also considered but injury or bad incidents should be avoided which directly affect the mariner and the family.

Capt. Papathanasiou is open at all times for guidance to officers and crew. To prevent them from being bored, he even allows breaks every other hour to refresh and recharge, to ascertain or clarify instructions for all jobs onboard be it deck, engine or catering.

This progressive policy also applies while onboard to third parties like surveyors, inspectors, ship-chandlers on safety procedures.

Safety is a mandatory policy, formally documented in the employment contract from Manila: one we agree to know and comply with the safety procedures on board. This means one has to work daily with safety in mind, to use when needed safety equipment provided onboard.


The company.

It was established 15th March 1993 in Manila as Agemar Manning Agency, renamed Eastern Mediterranean Manning Agency (Eastmed Manila) on Valentine of 2014 as the exclusive manning agent in the Philippines for Eastern Mediterranean Maritime (EASTMED).

Eastmed Mla has a pool of 1,500 seafarers, committed to recruiting, employing and training first class Filipino Officers and crew on the highest standards of competency for vessels.

Over the years, Eastmed Mla has developed a reputation for its integrity, commitment and devotion to seafarers. This is credited continuous training of seafarers as highest priority, even for new recruits as the firm welcomes applicants.


Roots and range.

EASTMED is the ships management with head offices in Glyfada (Athens), Greece.

The firm has under management 77 vessels, employs 180 shore based personnel and a further 1,500 seagoing staff. The fleet includes 29 tankers, 35 dry bulk carriers and 10 container ships, to a total DWT capacity of four million tons.

Both tankers and dry cargo vessels are employed on the spot market and occasionally will enter into short period charter agreements on a number of ships of the fleet.

Two overseas companies are exclusive agents of EASTMED:

  • Intermar Chartering (UK) in London to cover the chartering market there
  • Eastmed-Manila, Philippines, to directly select, train and employ Filipino Masters, officers, and crew exclusively for vessels under EASTMED management.


EASTMED was granted by Lloyd’s ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications in December 2010; now in the process for ISO 50001.

EASTMED is a member of BIMCO, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO to join forces for improved standards in the industry.

It voluntarily participates to the AMVER reporting system operated by the US Coast Guard for promoting safety of life and property at sea. Managed vessels are honored with AMVER awards on an annual basis.