Just click, and you have a house design: ready-to-build, climate-responsive. And for as low as PhP10,000, a fraction of standard costs.

This is from the Philippine House Designs (PHD), backed by experienced architects and engineers, set to be the leading e-commerce site for ready-to-build house designs.



Managing Director Risha Carla Tobias is the lead designer — University of the Philippines graduate, honed as an architect in Singapore. While she had drawn buildings and structures, she feels these are just numbers and dimensions, designing for business efficiency.

But her heart is in designing homes, vibrant for the family life. Sometimes she gets to know the owners and become real friends, practically becoming “family”.

Marketing Manager Liezel Tenorio, is youngest child of Capt. Leopoldo Tenorio, CEO-Operations of Marlow Navigation, one of the biggest of manning agencies that employs thousands of merchant mariners.

Liezel holds a BS-Commerce-Corporate Management  from the Assumption College, Masters-Management from the Ateneo Professional School and Masters-Management from Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales d’ Angers (ESSCA-France).

She is from a family of seafarers and knew that one of her father’s priorities raising their family was to build them a home. Many seafarers fail to provide homes for their families given uncontrolled costs, mostly on unprogrammed expenses which PHD now solves.


Smart design.

PHD recognizes that majority of their market are OFWs. With their hard-earned money, it is important to have a suitable design at reasonable costs. PHD knows it doesn’t stop there. Maintaining a house comes with costs also. So PHD has considered the local climate by maximizing wind and minimizing the hot sun into the house. Proper shading and windows provide cooler homes, less need for air-conditioners and fans — savings on electric bills!

PHD offers four options, depending on your building requirements. These drawings are sufficient for an experienced contractor/builder to construct the house. For customized designs and details, just email PHD for a quotation.


(1) Architectural set – ideal if you just need inspiration or already have a contractor who can handle the engineering drawings and implementation.

(2) PDF set – drawings are sent for your reproduction but are not signed by professionals. Ideal if one does not have AutoCAD, if building permits not required, and just need inspiration for own construction.

(3) CAD set – AutoCAD files will be sent for your own printing, complete for construction but not signed by professionals. Ideal if your contractor/builder will do some revisions, and you have professionals to sign and seal for you.

(4) COMPLETE set – 6 sets of signed and sealed drawings and documents for building permit submission and subsequently, for construction, will be sent to you. Owners are requested to furnish PHD: 1. Lot plan or TCT; 2. Survey plan by geodetic engineer; 3.    Soil test results; 4. Building permit forms; 5. Subdivision design guidelines/ deed of restrictions (if applicable); 6. Address where blueprints will be sent.


Your choice.

Payment mode is owner’s choice whether through banks or other services. Just note PHD will credit on the net amount it receives.

Should design not fit the lot, just email PHD a copy of your lot plan at and the PHD code of the house design you like. PHD will give free advise on adjustments.



PHD covers just about anything that can be anticipated: design adjustments, material grades, price estimates and escalation, legal requirements, modifications, proprietary rights, submissions and timelines.

More importantly, one only pays if one agrees to the quotation.

Visit the PHD website, get very useful info on its blog content (even on financing).