“Knowledge Center in Asia” : KLMA 25TH ANNIVERSARY


The “K” Line Maritime Academy (KLMA) celebrates silver anniversary at the “K”Line Hall, K Line Building in Pasay City, October 18th on the theme, “An Institution of Choice for Competency Building.”

High profile guests includes Maritime Industry Authority Administrator Rey Leonardo Guerrero and OIC-STCW Executive Director Narciso Vingson, Jr. who led other guests on the ocular of the  cutting-edge facilities like simulators and machines onboard used in training.

Other notable guests with industry partners and KLMA officers are:

  • “K” Line RoRo Bulk Ship Management (Kobe) GM Makoto Kono
  • KRBS (ROHQ Manila) GM Mitsuru Iwase
  • KRBS (Kobe) SMEO/Director Kiyoshi Tokuda
  • Veritas Maritime Pres. Ericson Marquez
  • Ventis Maritime VP Wilfred Garcia
  • OSM Maritime Chairman Adonis Donato
  • Sea Sunshine Pres. Jose Maria Lopez
  • PAMTCI Pres. Arsenio Padilla, Jr.


In between “selfies” and bonding, a simple ceremony honored KLMA staff and business partners with loyalty awards.

A sumptuous dinner followed, complete with a live band.

The KLMA story was screened in an audio-visual presentation.



KLMA Pres. Edgardo Baratang recalls 25 years back, “K” Line Maritime Training Corp (KMTC) was established by Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha to ensure a long term working relationship with the Filipino Seafarer.

KMTC started with only two courses, two instructors and few staff.

By 2007, training courses increased to 35; from 1993 to 2007, some 32,000 “K” Line seafarers have attended the training courses.

In May 2006, the “K” Line’s global education system (KLMA Concept) was introduced. It transformed KMTC into one of the “K” Line Maritime Academies (KLMA) in five strategic locations worldwide.

The KLMA concept is geared towards sustaining safety & quality as well as promoting the expansion of business operations advocated in “K” Line  Vision 100 and “K” Line Value for the next Century.

To provide effective instruction and hands-on training, it invested heavily and provided KLMA Phils with state-of-the art training facilities for our seafarers to acquire the skills, proficiency and competency.


The horizon.

KLMA Phils strives to be at the forefront of maritime training, education, and development by proactively responding to the diverse and dynamic demands of the shipping industry.

Capt. Baratang then welcomed the audience, “…we share with you our journey, renew, strengthen, and confirm our commitment to foster, develop and build up the “K” Line  Spirit” in Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha.


Safe ships.

Engr. Hiroyuki Inui, Manager of “K” Line Seafarers Policy Team, is currently In-charge of management of Filipino, Japanese and other foreign seafarers of “K” Line.

Inui was also assigned to SPT 15 years ago when KLMA was still “K” Line Maritime Training Corp (KMTC) housed in a 7 story “K Line Building  along San Marcelino Street Manila,

“Back then there was not enough space to conduct training, even though “K” Line was getting bigger.” Inui remembers only two simulators installed at KMTC namely 1) Main Engine Maneuvering Simulator [NABCO MC Engine] and Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier Cargo Handling Simulator.

It is his first time to visit KLMA Phils. after it was inaugurated in February 2008; very surprised to compare facilities of KMTC 15 years ago, “not only with regard to training facility but also material and content of all training courses”.

He adds, “K” Line final goal is “to achieve and maintain the safe navigation, efficient cargo handling operations and as well as environmental protection.”

Manager Inui appeals to continue to provide higher quality training and education to Filipino and other nationals for “further safe ship operation.”

He bowed with Maraming salamat po, Domo arigatougozaimashita.


Will continue.

“K” Line Executive Officer Capt. Kiyotaka Aya, expressed his appreciation to all the stakeholders, including ship management and manning companies and to all those involved in KMTC and KLMA Phils in the past 25 years.

The captain gave assurance that ”K” Line will continue to support KLMA Phils. “to provide quality and global certification, training and development” of seafarers for safe and excellent high quality and environmentally sound operations

“We have witnessed the completion of the Ocean Breeze Building as well as renovated existing “K” Line building which expanded KLMA’s capability to offer more quality training and to accommodate an even greater number of trainees.”


With credentials.

Capt. Baratang holds a BSMT-Nautical Studies and a Masters-Shipping Business Management from the Phil Merchant Marine Academy.

Baratang was a deck cadet in 1990 and Master in 2009. He served as Training Chief Officer of Bishu Maru LNG carrier, Master of Dynagreen wood chip carrier.

He was Nautical Instructor, a Review Consultant. Capt. Baratang was Asst Crewing Manager (Aboitiz Jebsen, 1995-1996), Training Manager, (“K” Line Maritime Training Corp in 2009).

A year after, he assumed the presidency of KLMA-Phil.

The team.

KLMA-Phils aims to be the “Knowledge Center in Asia,” to continuously educate, develop, enhance and upgrade the competence of the seafarers boarding “K” Line vessels operated by these Principals/Ship management companies:

  • “K” Line Energy Ship Management (K-ENE ) with manning agent Ventis Maritime Corporation and “K” Line LNG Maritime Services Inc.
  • “K” Line Ship Management (Singapore)with manning agent Ventis Maritime Corporation
  • “K” Line Ship Management (Chemical) with manning agent Ventis Maritime Corporation
  • “K” Line RoRo Bulk Ship Management (KRBS) with manning agents:
  • Ventis Maritime Corporation
  • Veritas Maritime Corporation
  • New Filipino Maritime Agencies Inc
  • Sea Sunshine Shipping Inc



KLMA Phils is accredited by three major agencies: the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Panama Maritime Authority (for IMO Model Training Courses) , by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for ship catering services NC 1 and NC 3 Training and Assessment, Class NK ( Nippon Kaiji Kyokai ) for SSBT, BRM – BTM Course, and Operational Use of ECDIS Course.

KLMA Phils is also authorized to lecture on Japanese Health Supervisor practical course and Japanese Cooking License course. MILT honors a Philippine license as an equivalent license.

KLMA Phils is accredited by three major agencies: the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Panama Maritime Authority (for IMO Model Training Courses) and by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for ship catering services NC 1 and NC 3 Training and Assessment.



The “K” Line Scholarship (KLS) ensures the continuous supply of competent Filipino Deck and Engine Officers for ships managed by “K” Line Group of Companies.

Select BSMT and BSMarE students are sponsored in accredited maritime institutions like   Phil Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) in Zambales, John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (JBLFMU) in Iloilo, University of Cebu–Maritime Education Training Center (UC-METC) in Cebu, and Lyceum Intl Maritime Academy (LIMA) in Batangas City.

The Maritime Education Scholarship Program (MESP) is at Cristal e- College (CeC) in Panglao Bohol.

“K” Line Mechanical Engineering + Marine Engineering Bridging program (ME+) was established in anticipation of shortage of qualified marine engineering officers. It’s a six-month bridging program with VMA Global College for mechanical engineers to be competent marine engineers.