The Pal Maritime (Palmarco) Annual Crew Conference was held March 18th at the Prestige Tower and at the Discovery Suites on May 21st, both located at Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

A third event was hosted May 19th, the 39th Anniversary and 12th Family Day at Greenhills West Club House, San Juan City, on a Mexican Latino concept.



Chairlady and GM Sonrisa N. David recommits, “Pal Maritime Corporation puts emphasis on quality services and continuous development of our personnel and crew’s technical and professional knowledge by harnessing the full potential of every individual.”

This year, the  Center for Leadership Activation and Communication (CLAC) conducted the conference with Leonhardt & Blumberg Shipmanagement  officers Tom von der Weyden, Crew Personnel Manager; Tim Gottsche, Director, Fleet Management and Jorg Bischoff, Head of Chartering and Operations.

About 30 junior and senior officers participated.



CLAC lead trainer Kenneth Kabingue, former Junior Chamber Intl World Training Committee Chairman, conducted a leadership and communication seminar, “Growth and Decay — How my mindset affects my world.”

Kabingue wants to improve the experience of every seafarer onboard. Story telling is part of the buy-in; leadership equals influence. And he showed ways to influence, to excite to improve performance.

Sharing experiences and group activities level up self-awareness. Learn from successful people, validate. Confidence comes from being certain, enabling one to live better. Duties and responsibilities come out during the sharing, knowing the expectations from you. Of the 22 on a ship, build one team, one family and one community to work very well.


Smart express.

Bischoff notes in past years, presentations were on port state control issues and surveys. This year, it focuses on personality, expecting officers are trained on personal skills. They must be able to stand up and support their opinion and convince others.

“It’s not only relationship among the crew but also when it comes to discussion with authorities. We pretty much appreciate having officers who know how to deal with authorities and to argue and support his position by good arguments and positive attitude.”

Mark Joseph David, Director and Crewing Manager, was the conference overseer, the workhorse circulating to rapport, even joke with the old timers so close to him.



Bischoff explains changes triggered by the market and the merger last year of Buss Shipping and Leonardt and Blumberg, the latter now directly deals with Pal Maritime (instead of Winter Crew Management).

The merger is a reaction to the consolidation among liner operators. Both firms are matched up in experience, size and feeder segment. A lot worked for Buss Shipping then for Leonardt and Blumberg, vice-versa. This even prodded a shareholder, to welcome some “back to the family,” a very positive thing.

Bischoff also divulged the firm joined forces with five other shipowners from Hamburg to form the Hanseatic Unity to position well in the charter market. This is in the feeder segment for ships of 1700 TEUs, controlling some 20% of fleets available for container and dry bulk tonnage, with 200+ container vessels and 30+ bulk carriers.

He looks even to the future with Pal Maritime, appreciating doing business with it as “always very good and easy.”

Palmarco’s principals are L&B, GBS-Shipmanagement and Manx Ocean Crewing.



Joint birthday celebrants for May were presented common cakes: Manny David (Palmarco majority shareholder), Jorg Bischoff, a chief engineer participant and more.

Fun and party continued as it is Palmarco’s birthday, too. Food and games catered to kids and adults, songs and dances, even one by the officers and staff led by Mrs. David with Directors Mariel Josine David and Matthew James David boisterously enjoying.

Earlier, a Roman Catholic Mass was offered followed by a touching community rendition of the song, If We Hold on Together.