Fulfillment of a Family Dream OROPHIL REMEDIOS TOWER


Orophil Shipping Intl inaugurated last May 29th its seven-storey building at Leon Guinto street, Malate district, Manila, acquired February, last year.

The formality was held at the function hall of the Tower; ribbon-cutting led by Mrs. Remedios “Mamang” N. Orola and Pres. Masashi Taga of Santoku Senpaku with Ms. Cory Quirino (President, Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption) and Orophil President Tom Orola who is also a board director of the famous anti-crime group.

Rev. Amado Perez gave a touching pastoral message, “May this generation and those coming…go forth as a witness of our desires and inspire our community and around the world. May Your benevolent blessings continue to flow for everyone to enjoy. May Your divine hand be upon those who manage this institution and grant them wisdom to dispense their duties by the principle of equity.”

The ceremonies were attended by the Orola family, business partners and friends, national public officials, civic advocates, staff and crew.



Board Chairman John Orola, Jr., welcomed the guests with sincere appreciation. The lawyer humbly shared the family struggles:

“This is a very, very important event for Orophil Shipping. After years of hard work, this dream is finally fulfilled. The Lord, our God, has been very good to us.

Our 97-year old mother is with us. (While she) has not gone to Manila for almost 20 years, she decided to come and see the fruits of her labor. And, of course, our late father, Johnny Orola, Sr. This couple worked hard for all the children God has blessed them with.”



Engr. Tom O adds the tower is named after Mamang, the Orola matriarch. In paying tribute to their mother, he recalls “In 1980, our mother gave us the capital of P4,000 to start the business of a manning company.”

Their brother, Bart O (now councilor of Bacolod City) started it all while John O. was a Tourism attaché in Osaka, Japan. A friend connected them to Mr. Taga and “…all things work together for good, to them that love God” quoting Romans 8:28 King James Version of the Christian Bible.

Tom O earned applause declaring, “This is the reason why we bless this building not with material things but because of our sincerity to our beloved Master. Our Master, the only master whom we believe has given us Mr Masashi Taga, our mother, John, Bart and all of us, and our associates.”

More, he sang Mamang’s favorite, You Raise Me Up, asGod has raised us up and God has given us these people whom He also raised up.”

Music and songs continued as the other siblings rub elbows with the staff and guests:

Dr. Elizabeth Orola-Salabas, VP-Orophil Shipping and two other sisters.



Tom O introduced Mr. Taga as Sacho (boss) who for “38 years he has been giving us his assistance and full support. “Taga is the sole owner of Santoku Senpaku, facing alone the monopoly of giant Japanese shipping companies often helping each other (in turn, against European partnering).

Mr. Taga received a Plaque of Appreciation from Orophil and the Orola siblings.

He now has 100 owned-and-managed vessels, continuously growing each year. This success impacts well on Orophil, in a partnership rooting from 1980 with the philanthropist. This includes that of VMA Global College which prepares cadets to board the company ships and open career opportunities to thousands, many of whom are now merchant marine officers.

Dr. Carlitos Orola, Director/Treasurer, led the  toast, “(W)e drink this wine, with joyful heart because dream comes true for a job well done, our honorable guests, friends, distinguished friends…for new successes, new friends..kampay…Cheers! Mabuhay!”

Mr. Taga responded from the heart, too. He feels a child at 76 compared to the ageless Mamang, in good health, “still a good dancer!” He congratulated the clan on three aspects: for the manning success, the new Tower and the maritime school.

After the balloons, music, food and words, the night settled with “Sailing,” melody and lyrics bonding the spirit of all into one Orophil family.


The firm.

Established November 22, 1980, Orophil Shipping Intl is manning a growing number and types of vessels like bulk carrier, log, general cargo, car, container, and reefer ships, product tankers, and panamas and cape size.

Orophil takes pride in producing its own maritime graduates, educated by its sister company, the Visayan Maritime Academy Global College (VMA-GC), trained by the Visayan Maritime Academy Training Center (VMA-TC) supplemented by OSICI crew and trainees from sectors of the maritime Industry, working with government-assisted programs in enhancing  standards.

Both VMA and its Training Center have fully compiled with requirements of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) and the Intl Maritime Organization and Standard Training Certification Watchkeeping (IMO-STCW ’95).

Orophil steps forward to expansion to ship management services given its experience and expertise in managing vessels of different types and foreign-administered. It ensures vessels are safe, cost-efficient, plying without threat to the environment.

More importantly, Orophil is always in compliance with national and intl rules and regulations. It holds an IMO listed number with Lloyd’s Register- Fairplay as an intl shipmanagement company (IMO # 5203263) qualified as shipmanagers to both local and intl ship owners.