Nordic Medical Clinic (NMC) now attends to OSM Maritime Services seafarers, as its first customer, after its inauguration on January 24th at Daniel Building, Malate, Manila.

The clinic has modern facilities like ECG, stress test, audio/optical, dental, psychological, extraction, laboratory, drug testing, x-ray and male physical examinations.

NMC Medical Director, Dr. Margarita Huerte says, “Our pre-employment medical examination (PEME) not only offers executive checkup but holistic wellness approach to the seafarers.



Dr. Didoy Lubaton, specialized on natural and holistic treatment, is available Wednesday mornings at NMC for a one-on-one consultation, even conversation. Lubaton leverages on the PEME system, believing educating seafarers makes the difference. He explains on nutrition, relations, sleep, safety, productive health as possible major causes of ailments.



Dr. Huerte adds, “Our clinic has partner specialists on all specialties like from the Manila Doctors Hospital with a Memo of Agreement (MOA) for the hospital to accommodate our patients.

Results are issued within the day of examinations since some of these seafarers must travel back to their provinces.

The clinic uses digital equipment for more accuracy, faster prognosis, with no human intervention to maintain integrity of the results; in turn, automatically banked on the system. It normally takes six hours for clearance. Those spotted with abnormalities are asked to return for referral to appropriate specialists.



Drug testing is a requirement of Government, not only on the procedure but also of the integration of the clinic system with that of the Dept. of Health (DOH) and the Natl. Bureau of Investigation (NBI) of the Dept. of Justice.

The integration of systems is the most difficult and expensive part of licensing the clinic.

But NMC has passed and is complete with the licenses. In fact, NMC now seeks accreditation from other flags or States.