Sustaining primacy in maritime education in the Bicol region, the Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) echoed one theme in its commencement exercises: “Competent Graduates: As Agents of Change Towards National Aspirations for Transformation.”

This was at the MPCF-Canaman 34th Ring-Hop Ceremony and Commencement Exercises at the JCJ Multi-Purpose Complex, Canaman, Camarines Sur, April 3rd.

And replicated at the MPCF-Legazpi 32nd Ring-Hop Ceremony and Commencement Exercises at the JCJ Gymnasium, Legazpi City, Albay, April 10th.



Dr. Marilissa Jimenez-Ampuan, MPCF-Canaman Pres. says, “I cherish how we started to develop this promising campus because we had a vision to produce excellent and competent professionals engaged in maritime services. And today said vision has come into existence… manifested by all of you” (the graduates).

Transform your community by helping the poor and illiterate, by loving our own country. You must aspire for change, a change for the betterment of our society.”



Ms. Merle Jimenez-San Pedro, MPCF-LC President, expressed her gratitude to parents and for choosing Mariners while “… we look forward to these meaningful changes that bring about quality life not only to your own families but in your communities as well.

Please come back to Mariners and your community. Ready to bring innovation more and new ideas of growing the community whether you chose to be a maritime officer, be principled and incorruptible customs brokers and logistics officers and hospitality managers.

Our Founder believed that the education is the most powerful weapon to use to change the world and look now at how thousands of lives here in this Bicol region have changed because of Mariners. Let this change be selfless to move our community and let this change start from us.”

San Pedro replaced Commo. Dante La. Jimenez, now Chairman of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC), a cabinet agency of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

Also present were other members of the MPCF Board of Trustees as Dr. Gabriel La. Jimenez, Ms. Evita La. Jimenez and Ms. Nimpa V. Jimenez.



Mr. Akihiro Kashiwagi, Pres. of Misuga Management Services and GM of Misuga Kaiun-Phil was the keynote speaker at MPCF-Canaman Ring-hop ceremony and at the Commencement Exercises at MPCF-Legazpi.

Kashiwagi waxed poetical: “And moving forward, when today has passed, next to the gratitude in your heart, look back with confidence and conviction in your mind. Confidence with all the knowledge you have gained from your education here at MPCF.

And conviction that no matter how hard it may seem, during difficult moments, that you will have the humility to accept mistakes and learn from it. You have a conviction of choice to push forward, to become excellent, be a role model, be a good officer. You have done it before so you can do it again.

Just look back to this day, this day of remembrance, your rite of passage – when your heart was filled with inspiration.”



Capt. Jun Funayama, GM- QHSE Dept/Misuga Kaiun was keynote speaker at the MPCF-Canaman Commencement Exercises.

Funayama was pragmatic: “Shipping is the lifeblood of the global economy carrying 90% international trade. More than 70% of crewmembers of Japanese shipping companies vessels are Filipinos and the demand is still increasing.”

He underscores the company slogan, “Come home safely, come home with a full smile but no injuries, no sickness…Please watch your steps onboard for your safety.”



The tripartite partnership Agreement between MPCF-Canaman, Misuga Kaiun (Japanese principal) and Maine Marine-Phil (MMP, manning agent) was forged on July 13, 2009. This greatly contributed to the MPCF mission to equip students with world-class on-board shipping facilities and to provide a higher education.

Misuga and MMP have continuously provided assistance to MPCF-Canaman in ensuring quality education, developing students backed by scholarship programs.

With Kashiwagi and Funayama are Misuga and MMP officers led by C/E Arnel Gonzales, Deputy General Manager, Misuga Management Services. They are also joined by representatives of other MPCF partners like TCM Tsakos Maritime Phils, Veritas Maritime, Marlow Navigation, Multinational Maritime and Archipelago Philippine Ferries.

Around 2,000 graduated at MPCF Canaman and Legazpi, including those who completed academic requirements and 97 senior high school students.



MPCF-Canaman offers degree courses like BSNAME, BSMT, BSMarE, BSME, BS Electrical/Electronics, and bridging programs thereof and the Enhanced Support Level Program like ESLPMD, ESLPME and Cruise Ship Management Course (CSMC) Seaman’s Culinary Course (SCC)

It has five Track offerings: Senior Hi Academic-Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime (PBM), Academic-Science Tech Engineering Mathematics (STEM), the tech-voc-livelihood (TVL) on maritime, home economics and SMAW.

MPCF-LC has six degree courses: BSMT, BSMarE, BSME, BSCA, BSHM, BSHRM and the Steward Rating Certificate (SRC).



The first Family of the Year Award was given to the Rogelio Palmiano Jr. Family of Camalig, Albay. From the father to the youngest child, the Palmiano family has chosen MPCF-Legazpi for education, solid faith Mariners-Legazpi is a gateway towards success.

In 1991 PalmianoJr. graduated as Associate in Marine Engineering and for 25 years has worked as a motorman in tankers and offshore vessels to be a good provider to his family.

Richard, the eldest son, is a Gold Anchor awardee, graduated BSMT 2008 at Mariners-LC and now Third Officer at Ventis Maritime. Second sibling Cristal Joy, graduated BSHRM with academic honors from MPCF-LC and now works as First Assistant Manager in Matnog, Sorsogon. She is married to a businessman, also an alumnus of MPCF-LC.

Mary Jane, is an academic awardee in BS in Customs Administration in 2012 and is now a licensed customs broker. She is married to a 2nd Engineer, again an alumnus of MPCF-LC. Michael John, the youngest, is a BSMT holder, an academic awardee of Batch 2018. He already passed the qualifying exams given by the NS United Marine.