Some firms compensate with glittering words what they lack in action. Not COMPASS, outdoing itself from that corporate commitment of providing better services. This is fleshed out by the launch February 8th of its world-class mooring facilities at the posh C-nergy International Leisure and Convention Center in upland Silang, Cavite.

This reflects a corporate commitment on continuing advocacy for seafarers’ competence, echoes Capt. Antonio Burguete Jr., COMPASS Board Chairman.

This was strengthened by honors given to AB Gilbert Raganit to cut the ceremonial ribbon assisted by Mr. Dakila Villanueva, president of COMPASS Training Center. Villanueva confirms the gesture sends the message on its advocacy to put premium on the needs of seafarers.

“COMPASS does everything first and foremost for the seafarers. We want to provide additional competence leading to enhanced safety. We want to give seafarers the training that they deserve,” the president emphasizes.

Hundred of guests came in throngs from 72 companies in the maritime industry. They watched on a live demonstration of a safe mooring operation by Capt. Eric Roy Gepilano, acting as Master with Officer-on-Watch 2nd/Mate Nikolai Macadaeg and Bosun Alfidel Divinagracia.

It is very important for seafarers to undergo training on safe mooring as this task is the seventh most frequent cause of accidents, the third most expensive in claim value, notes Chairman Burguete.

The successful launch was made possible through coordination with four affiliate companies, like COMPASS Center for Leadership Management and Governance (CCLMG), COMPASS Offshore, COMPASS Brew and C-nergy International.


Abstracted from the COMPASS Gazette.