By Coca H. Strobar



The El Kapitan building was recently inaugurated, coinciding with the 65th birthday of Capt. Leopoldo Tenorio, CEO-Operations, Marlow Navigation. But the story of the man and his family far outshine the two events.


Tenorio at 30 obtained his Master Mariner license, the first Filipino Master at Marlow Navigation. In 2007, the captain assumed as CEO-Operations for Marlow-Philippines (and also a major stockholder from being a poor, working student).


Marlow-Phil is one of the biggest of manning agencies, employing thousands of Filipino merchant mariners on board thousands of international ships in its management.


The other facet are his three children, Leodith and Leonardo both IT professionals based in Vancouver, Canada) and the youngest Liezel who is with the parents here.


Liezel reflects the dream common with the Captain: a lot in San Pascual-San Andres Bukid, Manila, purchased in 2013 for a one-stop shop for seafarers complete with bank, medical, food facilities and maritime services. She is so close to the father she is not a stranger on ships, understanding basic operational aspects.


Ms. Tenorio can compete well overseas but insists on staying. She holds a BS-Commerce (Corporate Management major) from Assumption College, Masters-Management from the Ateneo Professional School and Masters-Management from Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales d’ Angers (ESSCA-France).


She writes (AC Times-Assumption paper), she sings (Assumption Chorale) she teaches tertiary level and creates as business facilitator. She is a capital investor and field operator in various financial projects.


Over these, Liezel is her father’s daughter showing heart as a volunteer at the Cancer Resource Wellness Community.


It is not about achieving, but life at its golden glitter.