Bright Maritime Corporation LOVE BRIGHTENS CHRISTMAS

By Ligaya Caban


As if goodwill is not enough, Bright Maritime Corporation (BMC) celebrated the holidays with love in two separate events at its home offices at 16/F Maritime Plaza Tower, Ermita, Manila.


First glitters was December 9th with principals, executives, on-shore staff and seafarers with their families. President Desiree Page and CEO Petrous Stefanou led revelers with EVP Nancy Balili-Ebron and Capt. Dimitrios Galanos, owner’s representative.


It started with wacky parlor games, then honors for employees logging 10th and 20th years of service. Of course, the rain of raffled prizes for giggling hopefuls.


On the theme The Fantastic Voyager, departments showcased dance talents, the groups perked up with witty names as Sea Rangers, Navi Gaiter, Naughty Gals and Queen Marine Gyals, giving Super Heroes a run for the money.


While cash prizes were at stake, Ms. Page clarified “It’s a friendly competition” just to bring out the best in them, hidden talents in the performing arts.


More gimmicks.

Noteworthy is the Christmas décor contest, beautiful ornaments created from recycled materials. Ten judges visited each floor/department last December 1 to check firsthand the   uniqueness and resourcefulness, the creativity and involvement of each; a video presentation of the decorations supplemented the evaluation.


Then the Best in Costume fun, all the executives and employees were in costume — even the kids mimicked merchant marine deck captains, chief engineers and Navymen.


Capt. Petros Stefanou, son of the Board Chairman, Capt. Georgios Stefanou, gamely joined in the dance floor circling an LED light, impressive as the modern interpretation of the Filipino classic, Pandanggo sa Ilaw (dance of light).


A sumptuous dinner was served, then the exchange of gifts as the night was rolled with dancing and sweet dancing.



December 16th was the second Christmas Party, coinciding with the birthday of Ms. Balili-Ebron. Cakes and flowers, presentations and videos, surprises and well-wishers made her teary-eyed. More so that she is credited for initiating Christmas parties as a tradition for BMC.


In her remarks, Ms. Ebron says, “This is the way of giving back”, alluding to the loyal services rendered by staff and crew, the sacrifices at odd times and at places — beyond the normal load and expectations.


To the cadets, she appealed “… I just need your patience and perseverance” as for sure they will earn a job, barring sickness or other disqualification that may place life at risk.


In a practical touch, she mentioned the staff were pampered with the voluntary work of cadets.



As EVP, Ms. Ebron is:

  • Responsible for maximizing operating performance and financial goals.
  • Communicate with the Board, operating budgets, overseeing strategic plan.
  • Demonstrate management skills, leadership and ability to solve problems


She holds a Commerce-Accounting/Management degree from the Holy Name University (formerly Divine Word College) graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1982.


The firm.

BMC was established in 1994 to provide quality crews to various types of vessels plying global routes. It is a multi-awarded manning agency, a consistent recipient of the POEA Top Performance Award. It is also the choice of National Product Quality Excellence Awards and the National Council for Product and Service Quality as Best Manning-Crewing Services.


BMC is also a recipient of the Global Awards for Marketing and Business Excellence’s Most Outstanding Maritime Crewing Services and the Police Tribune Foundation’s Golden Achiever Award.