Families are appealing to authorities to continue the search for their missing kin, officers and crew in the ill-fated M/V Emerald Star which sunk last October 13, about 2:20 a.m., local time, south of Luzon Strait, some 280 kilometers from the eastern coast of the Philippines.

From Indonesia, the Star was enroute to China with a cargo of 55,000 tonnes of nickel ore when the mishap happened.

The vessel was manned by a crew of 26 Indian seafarers, 16 were saved by the joint search and rescue operations of India, Japan and the Philippines.

Anand Dalela claims, the families are very hopeful that 10 missing seafarers may still be rescued, or certainties be established to calm their lives to move on. Dalela, an Indian national, joins the appeal as Seasoned Maritime Expert working for Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd in Philippines. He was contacted by family members of the missing seafarers for joint efforts towards continued search till everyone could have some concrete information.

The latest appeal is from the Rajasthan Merchant Navy Officers Association-Jaipur, India by a circulated letter to mass media signed by its Secretory, for its acting President.

Supporters of the aggrieved families are requesting local media to assist by publishing articles on the accident and request for continuing the search. With exposure from the tri-media of print, radio and television, the chance widens that local residents may be made more aware and authorities influenced not to give up the search.